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About Us

Innov8 LLC‘s location in Santa Fe, New Mexico is within an hour’s drive to three national laboratories: Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, Sandia National Laboratory and Air Force Philips Laboratory in Albuquerque.

Innov8 LLC was founded with these objectives:

  • Assist inventors in turning their dreams into reality.
  • Exploit technologies from the US government’s research and development investments to benefit the general public.
  • Bring economic and employment opportunities to the communities in northern New Mexico.

Innov8 utilizes the human intellectual capital, technical skills and workforce available in the northern New Mexico area as much as possible. Please refer to Capabilities section for the wide range of skills available to you when you work with Innov8 LLC.

We conduct business and serve our clients with superior technical competency, quality and integrity. Our goal is to develop trusting and long-lasting relationships with clients and collaborators. We treat each client as individual with unique requirements and needs. Whatever involvement you desire, from total involvement and control to minimal involvement or anywhere in between, we will adapt to your style of operation and comfort level. Teamwork, open communication and mutual respect will enable success.

Thank you for visiting our website. E-mail us and let us know how Innov8 LLC can be of service to you.

Belinda Wong-Swanson
Company Founder