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Past Projects

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Past Projects

The following projects are examples of the range of services that Innov8 LLC can provide.

Portal nuclear material monitoring system RMA analysis:
Performed the reliability, maintainability and availability analysis (RMA) for a nuclear material detection system to be deployed in seaports. Detailed reliability and maintainability predictions were performed on the components of the system to assess if the system meets the system availability requirements. Results were used to recommend parts replacement strategy and maintenance schedule. This work was done for Detector Netowrk International LLC of Albuquerque, NM.

Novel, low-cost, solar concentrating collector system analysis.
Collaborated with HYTEC, Inc of Los Alamos, NM to develop a prototype and to perform a system analysis of a novel solar concentrating collector that was the brainchild of a scientist retired from Los Alamos National Laboratory. The tasks included evaluating parts for the prototype, collecting the test data, analyzing test results, and using MathCad to model the collector system performance.

Space-based remote sensing systems reliability analysis. Performed parts reliability evaluation, developed critical parts reliability test plans, and performed failure mode effects and criticality analysis (FMECA) for two instruments that Los Alamos National Laboratory had on two NASA missions. The challenge was to identify applicable parts that serve the function and survive the mission duration and the radiation and other extreme environments, while ensuring that parts reliability testing would meet the budgetary constraint.

Energy saving opportunities of a clubhouse.
Performed an energy audit of a clubhouse in a residential development and provided recommendations of the “lowest hanging fruit” energy saving opportunities, to minimize initial cost layout while attaining noticeable energy cost savings.