Day 2 in Kunming

Well, I was not able to find the guide-book advertised hot spring, not even swimming pool. That is the second time I have personally experienced (and getting fooled by) a Chinese hotel advertising in its hotel website a non-existent hotel swimming pool – most annoying.

Last night, I wandered into a Muslim neighborhood near the hotel and enjoyed a wonderful dish of bitter melon with pork – best bitter melon I ever had. It came with tea and rice, all for a mere 13 Yuan.

Today I got a even better deal – a whole bamboo tray of steaming meat & vegetable buns (Shiu Loang Bao) for 4 Yuan only! This may be the start of a new book – Eating well on the cheap and on the road.

I spent about 3 hours walking in the areas of CiuHu (Green Lake) and Yunnan University. I wanted to walk on the grounds of the Yunnan University but the guards would not not let me in, apparently not open to visitors.

I have to get up at 4 am to get to the airport in time for a 7 am flight to Zhongdian. If I miss it, the next flight is at 7 pm. It’s now almost 9:30 pm and I’ve got stuff lying all over my room. Hmm, I better start packing.

Attached is a sample of photos I took today. It was taken from my hotel room looking north, I think. I will upload my photos to a website later.


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