Shangrila Update #3

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since I last wrote. Things have been quite busy around here although 2 Sundays ago, I did manage to visit Bai Shui Tai (White Water Terrace), a limestone formation about 3 hours from here each way. The ride goes through narrow and curvy mountainous roads. Just the ride to/from there was quite exciting. The White Water Terrace was OK, may be if the whether has been sunnier, it would have been more impressive. Last Friday (30 May), I tied my weekly visit of the bee colonies at Hamugu with a hike behind the village, with PiChu the village leader as my guide. The day was sunny and bright, the wild flowers were in full blooms, and there were so many varieties I could not take photos of all of them. The bees should be happy with so many wild flowers to feast on. They seem to be doing well.

This latest additions to my photo album, ( include a photo of the baby kittens at the Shangrila Handicraft Centre. They were about 2 weeks old when this photo was taken.

The towns people are excitedly awaiting both the traditional horse racing day and festivities, as well as the arrival of the Olympic Torch. I have heard rumors that the horse racing day activities have been cancelled because it is too close to the date of the Olympic Torch coming through but I have also heard the locals would hold their own anyway. The date of the Torch arrival is also unclear, I have heard June 8/9/11/12. The people are so friendly and kind here I can’t imagine any problems arising from either event. I want to witness both events.

So long for now,

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