Day 3 at the Shangrila Arts & Craft Centre?

Hello again family & friends,

I started doing volunteer work for the Yunnan Mountain Heritage Foundation Monday 12 May 2008.

The first two days was spent doing translation for a local herbal store and a local hotel.

Yesterday I visited a nearby village. You will see new photos from this visit at the following link.

After yesterday’s visit, my immediate task is to translate from Chinese to English the description of this village for the village leader, to help him attract foreign visitors to his village. My near-term task is to help find labor and resources to install a donated solar hot water system and have a bathroom constructed at the village school house. Another near-term task, once I return to Hong Kong, is to solicit financial support for school supplies, including a DVD and a computer, for the village school house. My long-term task is to help the village leader write a business plan and solicit financial support to expand the village farms to grow expensive flowers for export.

As you see, I have been keeping myself quite busy and meeting people everyday. My Putonghua seems to be getting better, or at least I am able to communicate. I most enjoy joining in the traditional Tibetan dance at the town plaza in the evening. Santa Fe’s free music at the Plaza bandstand is good, but this is even better in uniting people. I will try to send a video later on, when I am not so busy dancing (more like stomping & hopping) myself.

More later,

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