Shangrila Update #1

Dear friends & family,

I am starting my second volunteering for the Yunnan Mountain Heritage Foundation.

The first part of this week will be spend attending bee keeping training. A bee keeping expert is here helping Hamugu Village to raise bees for honey and other medicinal purpose as an enterprise. It should be fun as I like to learn stuff like this.

Thank you for all those who inquire about helping with school supplies. I hope to buy what I can afford this week. I continue to talk to people here and plan to visit mountain villages in the next few weeks. I have been told that the schools in the mountain villages are much greater.

I hope to identify a sustainable project plan to help the schools after my visits and doing more research.

Best regards,

p.s. It’s been cold and rainy all week. I am so glad I have my winter clothes and down jacket. The day I visited Hamugu village was the only day of sunshine all week. The bee expert is afraid the current weather is too cold to start the bee keeping project.

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